Attendees at the 27th Annual Cowan Pottery Symposium participated in a lively and stimulating day of discussions and presentations which expanded knowledge of the activities, output and legacy of Cowan Pottery.

“Viktor’s Jazz Series”. Richard and Heather McClellan, who worked with Viktor in creation and production of the Centennial Jazz Series pieces, shared their research for that project and beyond into the multiple Jazz Bowl and Plate designs which were produced in 1930/31. With access to Viktor’s archival records on design and production Richard and Heather have assembled new information showing the wide variety of pieces which were produced. They conclude that there should still be some important pieces out there waiting to be re-discovered.

‘Contemporary Artists and the Business of Ceramics”. Local ceramic artists Gina DeSantis and Valerie Grossman presented their experiences as artists working to suatain their art commercially through production and other activities in their dedicated studios. They showed us that they face many of the same challenges that R. Guy Cowan had to overcome a century ago in establishing and operating Cowan Pottery. Incidentally, Valerie was a recipient of the R. Guy Cowan Scholarship provided by CPMA at Cleveland Institute of Art.

“F. Luis Mora at Cowan”. Mueum Curator Lauren Hansgen presented her research on the artistic career and the Cowan Pottery relationship of F. Luis Mora. Mora’s series Navajo figures was a highlight of Cowan Pottery limited edition production. Recent acquisitions funded by CPMA have permitted the Museum to complete its holdings of the Navajo figures and these are currently on display for the first time as a group.

Other highlights of the Symposium included the wide range of of Cowan and related pieces from attendees’ collections which were displayed and discussed in the customary “show and Share” session.