Welcome to the Cowan Pottery Virtual Gallery

moreflowerfrogsWhether you have only a casual interest in art pottery or are an avid collector, once you are exposed to Cowan’s variety of work, you will find that the Cowan Pottery Studio produced some of the most interesting and creative shapes, glazes and ceramic sculpture pieces that have ever been made in the ceramic art industry.

The purpose of this Virtual Gallery section is to provide photo collage featuring the various types of art pottery produced by this very creative potter and his cadre of artists.

During Cowan Pottery’s relatively short life span (1912-1931), it is documented that R. Guy Cowan and his staff produced over 850 different shapes and used over 160 different glazes to provide his clientele with a vast array of decorative art choices.

The shapes and designs created vary from casual to formal and cover numerous styles from Oriental to Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco and back to Victorian.

The various glazes used span from simple pastels to dark vivid gloss, semi-gloss and matte finishes to matrix glazes which are a combination of two to three or more colors.

The ceramic sculpture pieces were made with artistic flare in designs that range from biblical to theatrical to mystical. Most of these pieces were produced in the last few years of the studios operation by R. Guy Cowan himself, as well as his staff of gifted young artists. Many of these artists went on to become very successful on their own, after the Cowan Pottery Studio closed in 1931.

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