The R. Guy Cowan Scholarship

R. Guy Cowan taught at the Cleveland School of Art, now known as the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA), and a number of Cowan Pottery Studio artists were faculty, students or former students of the School. In 2001 Cowan Pottery Museum Associates had discussions with CIA about student grants. We were please to find they were very interested in our creating a ceramic student scholarship award. Therefore, beginning in 2002, the Associates formalized their plans by offering an annual award to be known as the R. Guy Cowan Scholarship sponsored by the Cowan Pottery Museum Associates with the following CIA criteria as guides:

  • The Scholarship will be awarded to a 3rd, 4th, or 5th year CIA Ceramicscaption w itStudent. The CIA faculty has the discretion to split the award between two students.*
  • Beginning with the 2004/2005 school year the annual Scholarship amount was increased from $1000 to $1500. The Board of Trustees has resolved to continue the Scholarship award at this level as long as funding resources are available.
  • The scholarship recipient(s) will be determined by CIA’s Ceramic Faculty
  • Recipient(s) main criteria is based on quality and excellence in design and craft (rather than financial need)
  • A renewal pledge or check will be received from the Cowan Pottery Museum Associates by January 30th of the year the scholarship is to be awarded
  • The award will be announced at the Annual Cowan Pottery Symposium (normally in April)
  • The award will be announced at CIA’s Award Ceremony

In addition, The Associates’ award program includes:

  • The winner(s) will be invited to be present and recognized at the Annual Cowan Symposium held each spring in the Rocky River Public Library Auditorium and The Associates will host their lunch
  • The winner(s) will be invited to display representative examples of their work at the Symposium
  • The winner(s) will receive a one year membership in the Cowan Pottery Museum Associates

The Cleveland Institute of Art has graciously thanked The Associates for instituting this award for their students. It is their hope that this scholarship will not only assist deserving students but it will also inspire ceramicists as they continue the legacy of R. Guy Cowan.

 Academic Year    Recipient(s)
2003-04   Richard Glowacki ’06 and Freeland Southand ’05
2004-05   Crina Gavris ’06 and Gwen Homer ’05
2005-06   Julie Simon ’07
2006-07   Brian Sarama ’08 and Julie Simon ’07
2007-08   Brian Sarama ’08
2008-09   Brendan Barnes ’09 and Alexandra Marchant ’10
2009-10   Melissa Horner ’10
2010-11   Valerie Grossman ’11
2011-12   Emily Giuliano ’13
2012-13   Marcus Brathwaite ’13 and Christopher Phillips ’14
2013-14   Lynsey Moseman ’14
2014-15   Jamie Ausperk ’16 and Jeni Stovicek ’16
2015-16   Melissa Grioli ’16 and Hannah Smith ’16
2016-17   Kimberly Chapman ’18 and Fox Nicely ’17

2017-18                                          Kelsea Deininger ‘19