Who We Are

The Cowan Pottery Museum Associates (CPMA), established in 1996, is an independent 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization affiliated with the Cowan Pottery Museum of Rocky River Public Library . CPMA offers support to the Museum and its activities, in addition to itself promoting the importance of Cowan Pottery in its historical and artistic contexts.

Presently, our group is comprised of over 120 pottery collectors, dealers and enthusiasts for art pottery and industrial history who are bound together by a desire to promote and preserve the work of R. Guy Cowan and the other artists and artisans of Cowan Pottery Studios.

Our Mission

The Cowan Pottery Museum Associates’ mission is to actively maintain and enhance the heritage of Cowan Pottery.

We aim to enlarge the sphere of influence of Cowan Pottery by participating in and/or sponsoring  activities related to the Cowan Pottery Museum and via outreach to other organizations with common interests.


1) Promoting nationwide awareness of the work of R. Guy Cowan, Cowan Pottery and other artists that worked at Cowan Pottery.
2) Assisting and supplementing the Cowan Pottery Museum, its collection, archives and activities, as headquarters for Cowan Pottery.
3) Developing programs featuring the accomplishments of R. Guy Cowan, by making donations to museums and other non-profit organizations who wish to include works of Cowan Pottery in their collections.
4) Organizing events, such as public lectures, pottery auctions and shows, etc. designed to bring visitors to the Greater Cleveland area, including Rocky River and the Cowan Pottery Museum.
5) Creating and funding a scholarship program, in the name of R. Guy Cowan, at an appropriate institution(s) for worthy students in art and/or ceramics.
6) Educating collectors and dealers about Cowan Pottery, market values, reproductions, and other collector issues.
7) Arranging visits to collections of Cowan Pottery, museum exhibitions, pottery shows, and other art pottery events.
8) Developing relationships with other Art, Pottery and Industrial History organizations.

CPMA Board of Trustees

Board President.  Roger Stanbridge. Board Member since 2006. Term expires 6-30-2017

Treasurer. Ruth Ann Havasi. Board Member since 2010. Term expires 6-30-2016

Secretary. Art Lauterer. Board Member since 2008. Term expires 6-30-2016

Past President. John Prim. Board member since 2001. Term continues until succeeded.

At-Large Trustees.

Victoria Smoot (formerly Naumann). Board Member since 1996. Founding Trustee. Term expires 6-30-2016

William (Bill) Cowan. Board Member since 1997. Term expires 6-30-2017

Russell (Rusty) Allen. Board Member since 2009. Term expires 6-30-2017

Nadine (Dina) Bluemel. Board Member since 2011. Term expires 6-30-2017

Founding President (honorary ex-officio Board Member). Gerald (Jerry) Maschino